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Employees are role models for the students who come in contact with them during and after school hours.  The board recognizes the positive effect employees can have on students in this capacity.  To this end, the board strongly suggests and encourages employees to dress themselves, groom themselves and conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to the educational environment.


Employees will conduct themselves in a professional manner.  Employees will dress in attire appropriate for their position.  Clothing should be neat, clean, and in good taste.  Discretion and common sense call for an avoidance of extremes which would interfere with or have an effect on the educational process.


Licensed employees of the school district including administrators, will follow the code of ethics for their profession as established by the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners.






Legal Reference:         

Iowa Code § 279.8 (2013).

282 I.A.C. 13.



Cross Reference:        

104       Anti Bullying/Harrassment

305      Administrator Code Of Ethics

401.11 Employee Orientation

403.5   Substance-Free Workplace

407      Licensed Employee Termination of Employment

413      Classified Employee Termination of Employment



Approved   July 1999                   

Reviewed October 2018